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Portfolio Series #7 – When the Wind BlowsJuly 23, 2012

Sussex avenue is a wind tunnel; one of the coldest streets to walk up in the winter. And when the wind blows in the summer it really blows. At times when wind meets a cathedral veil, the results can be both cinematic and elegant. However, when that same wind throws the whole bunch of that veil into a whirlwind, the result is a great bit of laughter on the wedding day. While trying for a much more subtle and dramatic image, the wind took Erin’s veil up and around her lovely face, and I couldn’t help but capturing her amazing laughter. Having an amazing wedding day often means embracing every moment.

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In each wedding there are moments that tell a story, that are meaningful or just amazing for the simplicity of the moment that is captured. They are important moments; but may never find themselves included in a wedding magazine or blog, but to me it would be a shame if they were not shown. This is at the heart of my Wedding Portfolio Series. Through this series I will showcase some favorite moments captured on the wedding day.


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