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Portfolio Series #3 – WaitingJuly 19, 2012

What I love about this image is the composition of the windows in the background and the clean framing of the subject in the window. I love the way that it draws your eye to the bride. I loved how calm and elegant she looked and how lovely the light hit her face.  This is the hour before her wedding ceremony. I really like how quiet this image is and how the symmetry and geometry  are repetitive and calm, which seems to also match teh calm posture of the bride.

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In each wedding there are moments that tell a story, that are meaningful or just amazing for the simplicity of the moment that is captured. They are important moments; but may never find themselves included in a wedding magazine or blog, but to me it would be a shame if they were not shown. This is at the heart of my Wedding Portfolio Series. Through this series I will showcase some favorite moments captured on the wedding day…the ones you just might miss.


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