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New Look for Melanie Rebane Wedding PhotographyDecember 29, 2011

Stylish Bridal Clutch purse- Bridesmaids gift

In launching the new brand we have found the perfect gift for clients from Angee W – Elegantly furnished with your engagement or boudoir photography

It’s been a journey over the last few years as my photography studio has evolved. Finally I have sat down with a designer to nail down what my brand is all about. How I want it to feel, to reflect what inspires me and to communicate a bit about my personality.

I love architecture. I studied fine art  and photography, and I have a wanderlust for world travel. I love Paris. I also love interior design. SO, it only seemed fitting that a quatrefoil would provide the cornerstone of the logo – the quatrefoil can be found in both historic architecture and modern design. As with my work I try to bring an old world romanticism, but in a way that is modern, contemporary and artistic. So the quatrefoil it was.

Choosing the colour scheme was a bit of a trick. I had been accustomed to a teal and gold for my colours, but the teal was a little too heavy feeling for me, so I moved to a charcoal and earthy gray.  The charcoal grey represents my down-to-earth personality and my love for  the outdoors.

The gold was a keeper and really the only remaining aspect of the old logo. This colour for me is all about that dash of luxury. The things we choose to  go all out for: The Tiffany Bracelet, the Coach or Michael Kors Purse, The Dress, The Flowers, the full day spa treatment. All these things that transport us out of the everyday and into something truly special. These are the tings wedding days both grand and intimate have in common. There’s always a little splurge.

Like myself, many of my brides relate to my love of travel, style and fashion and down to earth nature. It’s a unique blend and so it needed a little something classic but unique to be the brand that is Melanie Rebane Photography. I sure hope you like it!

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