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{For Inspiration} Ottawa Wedding PhotographersOctober 6, 2010

I am waaaay behind in blogging and have so many lovely engagement sessions and weddings to post… and I will…soon. In the meantime, as I continue to edit and design albums, I am also trying to create a cosy studio space for my lovely clients to be welcomed into, view their images and plan our creative ventures. In the process of doing this, I felt it was really important that the space feel like me and be an expression of my style. I have learned a lot about what inspires me and found some vocabulary for it.  Vanity Fair comes to mind when I think about the mood I try to strike with my favorite images. The mood, the fantasy, the dream, the colours…the stuff daydreams are made of (mine anyway). On the other hand, I am inspired by nature, the countryside, earth tones, stone, texture and light. I am as comfortable camping at the beach as I am in cashmere. That being said, I love couture…the materials, the craftmaship and best of all the creativity of design. I am guilty of loving print magazines too much and love Paris and Italian Vogue for inspiration. So yes, I am absolutely inspired by my European travels to France, Italy, Eastern Europe and Scandinavia…so the word eclectic definately factors into my style and inspiration. The castles, the linens, the food, the wine, the colours, the smell of the earth in Provence…And I found the perfect urban chic vintage couture inspiration blog to help me out: The Urban Lifestyle Decor blog (insert petit merci).

Tim Walker Photography

How does all this translate into my style? How will I express this in the studio environment? Good question. So I hired a designer. The same designer who did the amazing and creative space for the Fraser Cafe (my local favorite restaurant) Marilyn Donahue. I loved her design instantly and think she is just amazing! She hit the right amount of modern urban chic vintage couture with natural elements…instantly!

Some of the elements I know with near certainty include a warm muted Persian rug, with a down filled Belgian linen couch and possibly a crystal chandelier (pending designer approval…of course) and an investment with one of my fav stires that I have never shopped at, Restoration Hardware.

So while the studio takes shape I will leave you with an inspirational image that I so wish I could have done myself, but was created by the truly amazing Tim Walker, and a few of my favorite finds that will soon be a part of creating the m photography studio.

 Updates soon!

Restoration Hardware
Restoration Hardware

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