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Love and Chocolate – Ottawa Wedding Photographer at the Cordon BleuFebruary 15, 2010

You may be wondering, What do love and chocolate have to do with wedding photography? Well they both have to do with love, passion and pleasure. I never understood this more clearly than before I attended the chocolate demonstration at the Cordon Bleu Ottawa Culinary Arts Institute with Chef Christian Faure Meuilleur Ouvrier de France (MOF) last night. He prepared Chocolate caramel, Chocolate Pistachio Cream and a to die for Ice Wine Ganache. As the chef explained, food nourishes us- it is what we need, but chocolate, it is for pure pleasure… and there is no bad pleasure. Light bulb! Chocolate is HOT and I’m not talking in a hot chocolate kind of way…I’m talking the hot steamy valentine’s day kind of way. After watching the delicate way by which decadent ganache is prepared or how the chocolate is turned and massaged for cooling or with the care with which caramel is magically created from pure sugar, I could not help but liken this delicate art to that of the magic of love itself. So as you celebrate your love and pleasure… I will just add this…pleasure is for savoring…Happy Valentines Day!

Below are some of the images from this amazing experience and thank you to Erica Ehm and her wonderful team and Yummy Mummy Club and Jantine Van Kregten of Ottawa Tourism for making this wonderful event happen…I will never lok at chocolate the same!

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