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M+J -Wedding Canadian Museum of Civilization] Ottawa Wedding PhotographerDecember 5, 2009

The first time I met with Emily and John it felt like meeting with old friends. John and Emily both love photography and Emily is a wonderful graphic designer and owner of Emily Chen Design and Illustration. I knew that collaborating with M and John was going to be a fun and creative adventure. There is an incredible love and care between this couple. Having been together many years before tying the knot, this climax event was a true celebration of their friendship, their love and the incredible way they share this with their family and friends.

Like having an amazing bride and groom were not enough, the venue was a dream. The Canadian Museum of Civilization is a stunning piece of architecture. “Its natural forms echo Canada’s geological past, when wind, water and ice shaped the Canadian landscape.” It was an epic treat for the end of the wedding season.

This is a first for me …a paper bouquet with careful crafted flowers…

All the beautiful nature inspired decorations were prepared by Emily and it created a beautiful warm and modern ambience to the evening. I especially loved the paper lanterns…

You would never know that the day was grey in this image. The sun peeked through for a few moments and lit the foliage behind to create this romantic portrait.

I am hoping that Emily will comment on this post to tell us where this lovely headpiece came from. It was simply beautiful.

Emily’s father, couldn’t have been more proud all evening…and we know where emily gets her cheeky personality from!

While Jon Rennie was monkeying around above them, I shot this portrait from the side. One of my favorites.

This is a stolen moment as the couple returns to the Museum for the ceremony….

Emily and John wanted to put a modern spin on the guest book and wanted a photo guest book. Here are some of my favorites…

Oh hey! There myself and Jon Rennie posing for a guest book pic. Jon was great fun to work with and is an amazing wedding photographer in Toronto. Jon drove in Saturday morning at 5 a.m. to arrive in Ottawa with Big apple apple pies in hand for my fam and his! Thank you Jon for pie and for being so great to work with.

I love this image for what I think it captures about Emily’s personality and lovely dynamic between to two of them.

Here the rings were nestled into the paper pom pom…the pom poms dressed the ceiling of the Cafe Musee…

This is a spectacular image taken by Jon Rennie. For fear or tearing my pants where it would be most embarrassing, Jon, Emily and John – hopped a fence and captured this stunner. You can visit Jon’s blog to see more images…

Rarely is the grand hall of the Museum this empty and how could I resist the perfectly positioned spotlight that was begging for the couple to sit right in it.

Thank you Emily and John for having me as your photographer and thank you for a wonderful time everyone!

For more on Emily’s wedding, please visit her blog!

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  1. You have some real classical stuff here, awesome job!

  2. lovely. I love the shot you thought captured the bride's personality and the couple's spirit – the red berries really pop. Some lovely shots – Ottawa has stunning venues, doesn't it?

  3. Big big happy thanks, Mel — you and Jon did an absolutely wonderful job. Thank you for helping capture our special day!

    As for the hairpiece, it was created by jewelry-maker extraordinaire Melonie Higashi. She did the pins and the leaf-arrangements, and also made my earrings (to match the necklace, which I got from my grandmother). Here's her website:

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