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Priscilla Presley and Nudie Suits!] Ottawa wedding photographerJune 19, 2009

Hard to believe and I truly don’t endorse it, but I had THE most unusual request earlier this week- to shoot a wedding this weekend! There’s spontaneous for you! Seriously. Now it just so happened that I was available and so a very colourful couple, their 175 guests and myself will create some really wild images…

Why the heads up? This is no ordinary couple. He is a musician and they will be married at the Mill of Kintail in Almonte, Ontario in a beautiful outdoor ceremony in an old stone chapel- it’s so romantic…and yet…quirky… Her dress has been beaded with amber beads from Estonia (as she is Estonian) and will be going for a rockabilly Priscilla Prestley look and the groom and groomsmen all have custom nudie suits. Yeah, it’s OK, I didn’t know what one was before either and I almost had to say…I draw the line at naked weddings!

So take this as a heads up for some super funky pics to come…I’ve been given full creative license and a couple who are extraordinary and up for anything.

  1. Just in case visitors are unaware, that is Gram Parsons in his Nudie suit! The suit resides at the Country Music Hall of Fame.

  2. Gram Parsons' remains, on the other hand, had a bit of an adventure before they found their final resting place.

    He dies while on vacation at Joshua Tree Desert. Friends had said that he had always wanted to have his remains burned at Joshua Tree Desert. As the body was waiting at the airport to be flown back to Louisiana for interment, they were stolen by his friends, Phil Kaufman and Michael Martin.

    They attempted to burn the body and coffin on the desert but were so drunk that hey left before they had finished.

    Kaufman and Martin were fined $708 for damages to the coffin and $300 each for stealing the coffin. Apparently, it was (is?) not against the law to snatch a body. The body was returned to New Orleans, where it is intered.

  3. I did not know that and thank you very much for adding a rich layer to the blog post…I will look forward to posting some pics this weekend.

  4. Oh I can't wait to see this wedding!

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