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Trash the Dress? Really? | Ottawa Wedding PhotographersMay 6, 2009

I have been getting a number of inquiries from brides and prom seniors that are curious about the “trash the dress” TTD session. So I thought I would take a moment to explain a bit about what TTD sessions are generally and what my philosophy for the “trash” is specifically.

To start with, the dress doesn’t really need to be trashed in the end…a little rough around the edges maybe, but it truly is a way of taking the juxtaposition of a stunning and beautiful gown (either wedding or dress-wedding or prom) and an unusual landscape or backdrop that creates an intriguing and contemporary portrait. The backdrops for trash sessions vary widely from photographer to photographer, and session to session. It is common for photographers to use abandoned architecture, as illustrated the image prepared by isis photography in collingwood, ontario and by daniel j pesta of michigan. These backdrops often provide incredible lighting and uniquely textured backgrounds for incredible visual interest. The resulting images are truly artful and unique. These lend more to a grunge style portrait and grunge and glamor an awesome image make!

Another style of Trash the dress portrait is what I call the water baby portrait. You’ve seen the image of the two newlyweds soaked up to their frocks in a pool, ocean, beach or river, you know the ones. Or what I would refer to as the “Ophelia”, whose hair and dress swirl in the water. These romantic and natural backdrops just lend to high romance and a natural softness. I have to site Isis photography again on this one real a stunner of the bride lying in the water- I am a real sucker for black and white.

I think what sets the trash the dress session apart from the prom and wedding images is that it is one of the most creative portrait sessions there is. You can really see the vision of the photographer come through in trash sessions. It’s hard to know who is having more fun. Many trash images, in my opinion, breach art and contemporary magazine photography. Great inspiration for trash sessions can be found in campaigns for prada, guess and Dolce and Gabbana.

What Trash the Dress sessions are, in my opinion, the ultimate creative collaboration with your photographer to do something modern, unique and fantastic- not to mention having an excuse to use that dress again. If you are thinking of having a trash the dress session in the Ottawa area, please feel free to contact me for a consultation…I’m just bursting with ideas and seeking an adventurous bride/couple to try them out!


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